Saturday, 18 February 2017

Different Tile Cutting Saws

Wet Saw

A wet Tile Cutting Saw produces precise, clean cuts. With it, you can even cut 1/4 inch wide slivers out of most tile.Water sprays continuously on the diamond blade, preventing the blade from wearing out. Changeable guides make it possible to create cuts at 45 degrees or other angles. If you arrange to take on several tile jobs, rent rather than buy a wet tile saw.

Hacksaw with Rod Saw Blade

If you are working with a soft tile, a hacksaw outfitted with a cylindrical rod saw can cut curves and cutouts. Keep tile motionless when cutting tiles by using clamps and a piece of wood to hold steady. Keep hands and fingers out of cutting area.


A grinder cuts quickly through every style of ceramic or stone tile, but it kicks up plenty dust as it cuts, as well as makes accurate cuts with difficulty. A grinder is perfect for tricky cutouts, such as a outlet for an elecrical receptacle or wall switch. Equip it with an economical mansory blade if you are cutting soft tiles or have just a few cuts to make. Think about investing in a diamond tip blade when cutting more than a few cuts of hard tiles.

Snap Cutter

Most tiles can be quickly cut alone a straight line using this economical Tile Cutting Saw device. When cutting larger tile, check that your snap cutter is large enough for the tiles you have to to cut. It should have an changeable guide to ease the task of cutting several tiles all the identical size. Better models have replaceable blades, also called scoring wheels.

Tile Nippers

Also called biters or a nibbling tool, a pair of tile nippers can take a nip out of almost any tile. To make a cutout with nippers, you have to be patient as well as cautious; it’s very likely that you will break a tile or two in the process. But if you have just a few such cuts to make, this tool can save you the trouble of renting a wet tile cutting saw. Nipperss are also practical when you need to shave less than a 1/2 inch from a tile. Score the line with a snap cutter, and chip away with the nippers.

Tile Stone

Tile stones come in handy on numerous occasions. If cutting a tile result in a sharp or jagged edge, rub it with a tile stone to round the edge a bit. You can also utilize a tile stone to grind down a soft tile that is 1/8 inch or so too large. If soft is unglazed tiles such as terra-cotta, saltillo, or limestone form an uneven surface. Grind down the high spots with a tile stone, a process called “lipping.”

Tip for Tile Cutting Saw

A number of wet saws cost little more than the fee of a two-day rental. Be cautious about purchasing one, however. The diamond blade will be of lower quality than the one in a typical rental tile cutting saw. It will cut quickly if you cut very hard tile such as porcelain. Before you purchase a version with a sliding tray, make certain it is large enough to handle your tiles. Also test to see if you can make correct cuts. A hand held model Tile Cutting Saw is the least expensive selection of all, but it can be difficult to operate, especially if you need to make accurate cuts.